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Who Am I?

My name is Michael Devlin and I have been doodling for longer than I can
remember, I always seemed to be happier with a pencil in my hand. Currently I
live in Manchester, England (although to live and work in the US would be


Why No Colour?
I don't paint - not because I can't but because I prefer not to. To me, anyone can
put a blob of green on a brown 'stick' and call it a tree, but to do this in just
varying degrees of grey? I find pencil far more precise, it is far more difficult
with varying degrees of the same colour. Making life hard for myself? Possibly
so, but I get enjoyment out of it and that's what matters at the end of the day isn't

Thank You's.....
Without a shadow of a doubt my biggest thanks goes to a guy by the name of
Rocky in Florida, without whom I would not be where I am today and where it
is leading me. He willingly put my "Firemen Raising the Flag" piece on his
beautiful site
The Fireman's Prayer, after I sent it to him asking him if he could
find a use for it. Because of this I created my first incarnation of this site, due to
so many surfers asking me to create one.
And as stated on my home page this is my 3rd attempt at trying to create a decent
web site and it's not looking too bad at the moment, although there is still plenty
to do!

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